Sub Sessions 4
Fri 07 October 2022
Doors: 20:00
Join Bill Cutbill for a Night of Brazilian Infused Psych Music This Friday!

Another week and another stacked evening of music in the 6. This Friday, sub-sessions returns for its fourth edition featuring performances by JER, XOCô $marimbondos, Bill Cutbill and Kakaow.

JER and XOCô $marimbondos are two exhilarating psychedelic bands with a Brazilian grounding. Expect warm fuzzy sets that you can move to.

If you're familiar with Bill Cutbill, you'll know his LP AMAZONAS features the sounds of the rainforest that were also recorded in northern Brazil. Bill has a very special set in store where he'll be performing tracks from Resolution (some for the very first time), accompanied by the dynamic Idious Carrie.

Completing the bill is funk master Kakaow from Kingston, Jamai... I mean, Ontario. ;)

Join us for this psychedelic feel good Friday. Tell Sub-sessions you're attending on Facebook and grab an advance ticket via the link here.

Geary art crawl theo vandenhoff provincial parcs secret sign
Sat 24 September 2022
Doors: 17:00
Safe Sounds Presents: Geary Art Crawl Festival 2022


Safe Sounds are blessed to be bringing you a very special afternoon of music as part of Geary Art Crawl 2022!

Yes, following the success of its debut year, Toronto's Geary Art Crawl is returning bigger and better with a two day extravaganza starting on Saturday September 24th. It's going to be unmissable.

Our schedule runs on Saturday from 5pm till 8pm with performances from Provincial Parcs, Theo Vandenhoff and Secret Sign. It's an electronic blend of pure bliss from start to finish, and it's completely free.

As part of the event, we're collaborating with OKpeople to adapt an open warehouse/studio space into a music art extravaganza. There are going to be art installations for your viewing pleasure between the music, and after, you'll be able to keep the party going with DJs till late.

So what are you waiting for?! Set a reminder in your diary and mark your attendance via the Facebook event page.

More info coming soon about our amazing acts, but click the links below if you can't wait.

Jay feelbender sad song

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Aug 23, 2022
Exclusive First Listen: Jay Feelbender's Sad Song

We're delighted to bring you some exclusive new sounds from alt-pop pioneer, Jay Feelbender!

Yes, to celebrate the release of his new single 'Pool Paranoia' Jay visited Safe Sounds to lay down some heavy hearted tracks. Today we've released a tender acoustic version of 'Sad Song', which was recorded in the real-life bank vault we operate from.

Watch above or visit our YouTube channel to check out all our recent sessions and releases.

The tender side of Jay Feelbender...

For those of you familiar with Jay's solo music and work with the band Goodbye Honolulu, you'll know that he explores all range of emotions, from exhilaration to fragility.

As the name would suggest, sadness is at the core of this latest track. Inspecting parts of the 'Sad Song' lyrics — "I gave all I had/ and you wasted both our time/ but if you wanted me to/ I would have given you my life" — Jay plays with familiar concepts of love and loss using simple sentences that resonate with authenticity. Sometimes the simplest words hit the hardest, and we're feeling this one.

Just like the first track, Party Down The Street, this song's a beauty and we're really pleased to have been able to capture such pure emotion. We're sure you'll feel it too... be sure to drop us a message in the YouTube comments.

Jay Feelbender's new single 'Pool Paranoia' is also available now on all streaming platforms. If you want to sing along, check out the lyric video.

...and that brings to an end our Jay Feelbender session. Thanks Jay for taking the time to drop in. We'll see you on and off-stage at the heart of the Toronto music scene!

Exclaim new music
Aug 03, 2022
Theo Vandenhoff is an Exclaim! Top Pick

Everything is better now that Theo Vandenhoff has been chosen as an Exclaim! staff pick... or to put it more eloquently 'Alles Ist Besser'.

That's right, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The A's, Aquakultre, The Deslondes and Kali Malone, we're stoked that Theo Vandenhoff's latest single was picked out by Exclaim! writer Sydney Brasil who said —

"If saxophone solos keep popping up in '80s-inspired synthpop, we'll be better for it. "Alles Is Besser" swallows you in Theo Vandenhoff's embellished contradictions, with the lead synth hook shining over the track's darker elements. His striking baritenor vocals surprise, yet make perfect sense within his ode to the history of the European underground. As Vandenhoff toys with singing in German on the choruses, he reminds you not to bottle up your feelings — even if it makes for some great dance floor catharsis."

Check out all the Exclaim! staff picks here.

Watch Theo Vandenhoff's Alles Ist Besser.

Jay feelbender party down the street

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Jul 20, 2022
Jay Feelbender's Headed To A Party Down The Street - And You're Invited!

We're delighted to share the first of two acoustic tracks we recorded last month with Toronto-based alt-pop artiste Jay Feelbender! That's right, Jay hit up the Safe Sounds bank vault ~ a real-life bank vault at our location in downtown Toronto.

Watch above or visit our YouTube channel to enjoy 'Party Down The Street' in this multi-camera live session extravaganza.

Who is the real Jay Feelbender?

Jay is an amalgamation of many influences. Growing up in the Toronto folk-country scene as the child of a musician, with Shirley temples at the bar and naps behind the drum kit, he entered high school and formed the alt-rock band Goodbye Honolulu. Goodbye Honolulu have performed for thousands opening for Spanish rock band Hinds on multiple U.S tours and performing across North America.

In his solo material, Jay pushes his alt-pop vision with lushly produced tracks that go bang. Jay expresses the through-line of music influencing an artist’s young life; from the fun to the fragile, the introspective to the explosive.

With Party Down The Street, we have a chilled out acoustic version of what is undoubtedly a hook laden pop-song. We love Jay's voice - deep and warm like a hug from a best friend.

We hope you enjoy!

Oh, plus Jay Feelbender's new single will be released worldwide on July 29th so watch this space.


'Alles Ist Besser [SINGLE]' artwork
Theo Vandenhoff Alles Ist Besser [SINGLE]
'New Era [EP]' artwork
World News New Era [EP]
'A Message for the Kids [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News A Message for the Kids [REMIX SINGLE]
'Scenic Equilibrium [LP]' artwork
Provincial Parcs Scenic Equilibrium [LP]
'Juice Opinion / Fake News [DOUBLE A]' artwork
Your Grandad Juice Opinion / Fake News [DOUBLE A]
'O [DOUBLE A]' artwork
Idious Carrie O [DOUBLE A]
'Heartache Is An Empty Room [EP]' artwork
Theo Vandenhoff Heartache Is An Empty Room [EP]
'Confetti and... / A ↝ B [DOUBLE A]' artwork
RUM DO Confetti and... / A ↝ B [DOUBLE A]
'Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]
'AMAZONAS [LP]' artwork
Bill Cutbill AMAZONAS [LP]
'Gather [EP]' artwork
Loji Gather [EP]
'The Chosen [EP]' artwork
World News The Chosen [EP]
'Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]
'Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]' artwork
Bill Cutbill Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]
'A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]
'Why [EP]' artwork
'lay down, lovers [EP]' artwork
RUM DO lay down, lovers [EP]