World News

World News is a psychedelic synth duo based in Toronto playing 100% live hardware. Expect duelling analogue synthesizers, drum machines and outspoken vocals that pack a punch.

~ have you ever caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye? are there questions that play over, and over, and over in your head? best to keep looking forward and not dwell on the past, or you might just start seeing black cats

~ an attempt to convey the feeling of the great outdoors and the inner freedom, simplicity and warmth that those moments can bring


Black Cat
A Bit More Mellow Back Then


'Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]
'The Chosen [EP]' artwork
World News The Chosen [EP]
'Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]
'A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]