Your grandad album release toronto
Nov 01, 2023
It's Album Release Day for Your Grandad

We’re excited and delighted to bring you Your Grandad’s self-titled debut album today! The nine songs on this record blend humour with sincerity, musical misdirection with good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

With a guitar, a bass, drums, vocals, and a cheeky Wurlitzer overdub, Your Grandad carve out a sonic territory far vaster and deeper than anything they’ve done before.

You’ll hear all three members — Cameron Kirk, William O'Neill and Max Sheffel — take turns singing lead vocals, with some tasty harmonies to boot. Expect all sorts of sounds; fun, abrasive, weird and normal.

Some of the tracks are danceable and some are decidedly not! We hope it sticks with you and you keep coming back year after year... as the kids get older you're going to need to make an honest effort to keep this love alive.

Luckily with Your Grandad being available on vinyl, you can grab a copy that will live forever and can be passed from generation to generation.

Here's a quote from the band —

“We’re very proud of this record, and we hope you enjoy it! We’d like to thank some people who helped get this record out there...

Stephen Pitman, who recorded and helped produce the recording. Shelby Wilson who provided vocals on Qualified Certified. Brandon Bak who mixed the album. Asher Gould-Murtagh who mastered it. Mitch Lohmeier who designed the artwork for the LP and all of its singles. Leesa Westwood and Richard Singh who helped design the liner notes.

Finally, Bill Cutbill and Desiree Das Gupta of Safe Sounds for helping us get it out there!”

Your Grandad is available NOW on all streaming platforms and for download via Bandcamp. Physical copies will also be available for sale at the upcoming live shows...

November 10 - Sarnia

November 16 - Hamilton

November 17 - Toronto

Your grandad band toronto
Oct 16, 2023
Your Grandad's Got Some Hot Wax

Your Grandad wriggles with anticipation, bringing news of their debut self-titled album, Your Grandad [SS121]. Fake news might be rife in this world, but we can guarantee that the LP will be released digitally and on hot wax via Safe Sounds on November 1st!

The most exciting release from Your Grandad yet, you'll hear all three members — Cam, William and Max — singing and playing their goofy hearts out, with songs crazier and more accomplished than anything you've ever heard from them before.

The hotly anticipated first ever Your Grandad vinyls will be available at the album release show in November 👀.

In the meantime, check out the artwork from incredible local artist Mitch Lohmeier ~

Your Grandad Album Art

Tracklist ~

1. Your Grandad
2. Juice Opinion
3. Volcano Man
4. Poison
5. Aspartame
7. Fake News
8. Qualified Certified
9. Odds

Two of the singles from this release are already available on streaming ~ C.E.R.B and Poison. Find them on Bandcamp, Spotify and anywhere else you consume audio bites.

We can't wait for this release. Hold it in your hands November 1st.

Your Grandad Idious Shot
Jun 29, 2023
Your Grandad Needs His Poison

Your Grandad’s new single, Poison, has the band expanding their vocabulary into realms more subtle and eerie than anything we’ve heard from them before.

That's right, the new single Poison is released today - go listen on Spotify or support the band directly on Bandcamp.

Lyrically introspective, vocalist Cameron Kirk wonders aloud about the things he consumes and the experiences he’s had, and whether or not these things are any good for him.

The track feels like a question. The rhythm section provides a simple, locked-in groove which underpins an expressive guitar, evoking the image of a never-ending blue-grey spiral.

Think of a whirlpool in slow motion; no longer chaotic but still with a sense of inevitability. As the last lines of the song are sung, the music fills out a little more, but just as the band really gets going, everything but the drums fall away.

The dissonant two-beat phrase that opens the track returns, and then silence. Until it comes back.

Listen to Your Grandad's Poison now! Oh, and a massive shout out to artist Mitch Lohmeier (@houseycult) for the sick artwork. This release is the gift that keeps on giving.

Your Grandad Poison
Press release promo
May 31, 2023
Your Grandad Release CERB and Announce Debut Album

We are pleased to declare that today, June 2nd, is now a brand new public holiday for everyone! That's right, don't bother going to work, instead go to the park or have a bbq with your nearest and dearest.


Well today is the day that Toronto post-punk alternative trio Your Grandad release the first single, CERB, from their self-titled debut album. The track is written in memory of the utopic glimpse that the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit gave us during the pandemic.

GIVE US THAT GOVERNMENT MONEY. Listen now on Spotify or bandcamp.

If you weren't aware, Your Grandad is a three-piece band with Cameron Kirk (bass, vocals), William O'Neill (guitar, vocals) and Max Sheffel (drums, vocals). Once combined, they have a disposition to make edgy, sharp post-punk.

Speaking of the single, Max told us...

"CERB is full of moments which colour, contrast, and interrupt its playful lurch. On paper, the track borders on monotony, which we use as an opportunity to never actually stay settled into a groove for too long, twitching instead with anxious desires."

"All this explodes into the high-octane coda, celebrating the titular government benefit."

In CERB, we can hear what songwriter Cam was feeling in the early days of quarantine... lazy contentment, which may be familiar to those of us who were lucky to maintain some companionship when we were ordered to stay at home, coupled with dreams of an escape and return to the real world.

This single represents a joyous silver-lining of hope for future social reintegration, but more importantly, it also represents the beginning of one of the greatest album roll-outs of all time...

Your Grandad from Your Grandad, will be released via Safe Sounds in late 2023. Before then, you will be treated to regular single instalments and limited edition cassette releases, and at the end of it all you may just have some new wax to add to your collection!

Support this release now via bandcamp and don't forget to stream it on every music platform possible.

Rum do chrysalis single
Mar 24, 2023
"I'm A Chrysalis ~ Purple Wings."
Listen on Spotify

RUM DO are reborn today with the brand new single — Chrysalis.

This is the fourth track from the upcoming EP, You Just Have To Be, which arrives digitally and on shiny limited edition cassette, April 28th. DIY electro-pop has never been so weird.

Speaking of Chrysalis, Harry Perry of RUM DO said —

"'s about transformation; the end of one thing and the start of something new.

"Endings can be difficult to accept, but it's all part of the natural process of life. Death is needed to make room for new experiences to blossom.

"The idea of a moment existing between two points is something we explore across this EP, AKA a "singularity". Whether that be a path walked, a stream of consciousness or an entire lifetime.

"Through a funky DIY-pop lens, this EP inspects the smooth and the rough, the light and the dark. We hope it brings you some joy!"

Listen on Spotify now or buy a phsyical copy of RUM DO's You Just Have To Be on limited edition sweet purple cassettes via Bandcamp.


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