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Loji gather cassette
Oct 13, 2020
Loji Gather Cassettes Now Shipping!

True to our existence, we are delighted to have just received a shipment of Loji - Gather cassettes. Yes m'lady, SS107 is now available on a strictly limited cassette for the fresh price of just $10, which includes a digital download.

They are available to pick-up in downtown Toronto, or if you live downtown yourself, hit us up and we'll bike one over to you - it's eco-friendly and covid safe. But be quick, we've only got 15 of these beauties in stock and once they're gone... you get the picture.

Bill cutbill thumbnail panther

Watch Video

Oct 07, 2020
Bill Cutbill's Panther Music Video

Panther is the first track to be released from Bill Cutbill's AMAZONAS LP.

We are delighted to announce that the album will be released via Safe Sounds worldwide on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

More details including the art and tracklisting have been announced via bandcamp.

Bill cutbill nuit blanche
Oct 03, 2020
Join Us for Nuit Blanche 2020

Bill Cutbill and Provincial Parcs will be performing tonight as part of Nuit Blanche 2020!

Tune in via the 401 Richmond link here. Set times are as follows >> Provincial Parcs Set 1 9PM-9:15PM // Bill Cutbill Set 1 10:45PM-11PM // Provincial Parcs Set 2 1AM-1:15AM // Bill Cutbill Set 2 1:15AM-1:30AM <<

This will mark the first-ever solo performance by Bill, who will be performing unheard tracks from the upcoming AMAZONAS LP.

*timings are approximate, so we recommend tuning in early. Nuit Blanche runs from 7PM OCT 3rd to 7AM OCT 4th - the programming is extensive and we recommend immersing yourself entirely.

Ultra Mag Issue 1
Oct 01, 2020
Ultra Mag Issue 1 Has Landed

Well isn't this fantastic?! Ultra Mag, a brand new zine covering Toronto's creative scenes has just arrived with its first issue. Safe Sounds has a monthly column we'll be using to bring you all things safe and sound!

In this issue, we cover Loji's debut EP 'Gather' with a spotlight on our session with Kaleidoscope Horse. Bill Cutbill also conducts an interview with Sleepy Demons following the release of their latest EP.

Read the first issue now for free via desktop, and enjoy your local fill of culture and life!

Bill Cutbill Amazonas Panther Release
Sep 29, 2020
Sounds & Sights of the Amazon Rainforest in Bill Cutbill's Panther

We are super excited to announce the first-ever Safe Sounds LP, AMAZONAS, with the release of Bill Cutbill's single 'Panther.'

Aesthetic Magazine is currently premiering the music video for Panther, featuring the sounds and sights of the Amazon rainforest that Bill recorded on his travels — watch it now!

AMAZONAS is an 11-track album that will be released via Safe Sounds in October 2020.


'AMAZONAS [LP]' artwork
Bill Cutbill AMAZONAS [LP]
'Gather [EP]' artwork
Loji Gather [EP]
'The Chosen [EP]' artwork
World News The Chosen [EP]
'Black Cat [SINGLE & REMIXES]' artwork
World News Black Cat [SINGLE & REMIXES]
'Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]' artwork
Bill Cutbill Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]
'A Bit More Mellow Back Then [SINGLE & REMIXES]' artwork
World News A Bit More Mellow Back Then [SINGLE & REMIXES]
'Why [EP]' artwork
'lay down, lovers [EP]' artwork
RUM DO lay down, lovers [EP]