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Your grandad your grandad music video

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Oct 25, 2023
Introducing 'Your Grandad', Starring 'Your Grandad', Taken From the Debut Album 'Your Grandad'

The third single from Your Grandad's debut self-titled LP has just arrived accompanied by a blistering music video.

We don't want to spoil it for you — let's just say it includes the swallowing of unusual objects, eye gouging and a healthy dose of tea taken with a splash of milk.

Check it out now via our YouTube Channel.

The full Grandad album will be available to stream worldwide on Nov 1st. Grab yourself a strictly limited edition vinyl from the band at their release show on Nov 17th at The Monarch Tavern. All the details on the release show here.

The music video for this single was produced by us here at Safe Sounds and it was so bloody fun to do. If you want a little sneak peak at Desiree applying makeup to the Your Grandad trio, check out our Instagram.

Check out the artwork for the single by Mitch Lohmeier ~

Your Grandad Your Grandad

Animal party live from safe sounds

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Oct 18, 2023
Animal Party Live from Safe Sounds

Animal Party came and recorded a live session with us last year, and today is the day we finally share it with you all!

The project of experimental electronic solo artist Sinéad Rua, this twelve minute music extravaganza also features accompaniment by Paul Geldart on drums. Animal Party is a wonder on harp - it must be seen to be believed.

Watch it now!

It really was a pleasure to experience this live in the room - Animal Party are so awesome at what they do and to be able to capture it in such fidelity is highly satisfying. The result is jaw droppingly beautiful.

And what about these 35mm shots from the session taken by Desiree Das Gupta...

Animal Party Live from Safe Sounds
Animal Party Live from Safe Sounds

The live session was recorded by Bill Cutbill and Idious Carrie inside the Safe Sounds bank vault.

When you watch the video, you may notice that this was filmed in November 2022. That is correct, so perhaps a moment to explain why it took so long for us to release this work of art...

Well, we're currently running this operation without funding, which means it really is a labour of love.

We like to be ambitious and when it comes to recording sessions if you look at the timestamps you'll notice that this one, Pretty and Deanna Petcoff were all recorded three days straight.

That certainly made us realise how much work it is to create this content from beginning to end, because it's easy to underestimate how much time it takes to mix, edit and properly release that number of videos!

And whilst we have been inundated with interest from a whole bunch of super talented bands and artists who want to do a live session with Safe Sounds, we just wanted to take a moment to thank them for their interest but to also place on record that we will not be filming any new live sessions now until at least the middle of next year.

Hopefully we can get some funding to run this as a more regular thing - keep your fingers crossed for us!

That said, don't you worry - we've got more live sessions in the can that we will be releasing in the coming months. ;) So make sure you go subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

But yes, this is all about community. We hope by capturing magical musical moments like this from Animal Party that we're impacting our local scene in a positive manner.

Go and enjoy them further on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Your grandad band toronto
Oct 16, 2023
Your Grandad's Got Some Hot Wax

Your Grandad wriggles with anticipation, bringing news of their debut self-titled album, Your Grandad [SS121]. Fake news might be rife in this world, but we can guarantee that the LP will be released digitally and on hot wax via Safe Sounds on November 1st!

The most exciting release from Your Grandad yet, you'll hear all three members — Cam, William and Max — singing and playing their goofy hearts out, with songs crazier and more accomplished than anything you've ever heard from them before.

The hotly anticipated first ever Your Grandad vinyls will be available at the album release show in November 👀.

In the meantime, check out the artwork from incredible local artist Mitch Lohmeier ~

Your Grandad Album Art

Tracklist ~

1. Your Grandad
2. Juice Opinion
3. Volcano Man
4. Poison
5. Aspartame
7. Fake News
8. Qualified Certified
9. Odds

Two of the singles from this release are already available on streaming ~ C.E.R.B and Poison. Find them on Bandcamp, Spotify and anywhere else you consume audio bites.

We can't wait for this release. Hold it in your hands November 1st.

RUM DO singularity music video

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Oct 12, 2023
Singularity: All Roads Lead Here

And just like that we announce 'Singularity,' the final single signalling the end of RUM DO.

Featuring guest violinist Leslie Townsend, Singularity is the light at the end of the tunnel for Bill Cutbill and rryrry — an orchestral electronic blend of epicness and timelessness.

In a press release the duo said:

"Our singularity is an A to B; a beginning and an end; a period of time held between two stationary points. Thank you for joining us."

Cutbill and rryrry started working together remotely in 2015 and in a period spanning what feels like many lifetimes they never once met in person. Desiree Das Gupta joined Cutbill to reimagine RUM DO's material live at Canadian venues and festivals. The duo also recorded a special live session of Wedding Day which is taken from the debut EP, lay down, lovers.

Thank you for everyone who bought a RUM DO cassette, went to a show, supported via bandcamp or listened on streaming. This music will remain online and we hope it helps to find you some peace and happiness.

Just as equal to the music, this also completes the RUM DO film which is a back-to-back continuous visual accompaniment to the entire discography. We will be releasing a full uncut version of the film before the end of the year.

PN 2023 Lineup Web
Thu 05 October 2023
Doors: 0:00
Project Nowhere Is a New Festival Taking Over Toronto

With an interstellar lineup, Project Nowhere arrives in Toronto from 5-7th October.

The multi-venue music experience takes place in the Little Portugal area, featuring a host of local and international artists. It's going to be a time and while weekend passes have sold-out, individual show tickets are on sale right now!

World News will be bringing their synth spaceship to BSMT 254 on Friday Oct 6th accompanied by heavy hitters Phedre, E-Prime and Tony Price (DJ). Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Our very own Your Grandad will be playing that very same night with Crabe and Cinder at The Baby G. So if guitars are more your ting, grab tickets for that show here.

To complete a trio of shows featuring Safe Sounds artists, Theo Vandenhoff performs with Tempers, Talvi and Seulement on Saturday Oct 6th. Tickets for that are available here.

...and if you've not heard the news, check out Vandenhoff's new single and music video now via our YouTube channel or below:

Other than that, there's a whole host of shows you gotta check out including Not A Band on October 5th and Breeze on October 7th. You'll be hearing and seeing more exclusive content from them soon via Safe Sounds so keep those eyes peeled and sign up to our newsletter here.

Learn more and buy tickets via Project Nowhere.


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