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Rob nicholls provincial parcs
Dec 20, 2022
Provincial Parcs Radio Special with GGRMS

Rob Nicholls, AKA Provincial Parcs, was broadcast last week on one of our favourite local shows - The Go Go Radio Magic Show!

During the hour-long segment they dive into Nicholls’ history growing up in a small town on Vancouver Island, his move to the main land and then eventually relocating to Toronto.

Listen here.

Music played a major role in Nicholl’s personal development and that has influenced his work as a painter. It's a great interview with some fantastic musical interjections so check out their website now.

Also, now is a great time to congratulate the GGRMS team on their new label, Little Village Records.

World news show incoming
Nov 14, 2022
Electronic Music Magic This Thursday in Toronto

The clock is ticking, a white rabbit just flew by, and now is your chance to follow... that's right, we're just a few days away from our smashing electronic music lineup this Thursday at Bar Orwell.

Now is the time to grab a ticket if you're able to make the Mad Hatter's tea party!

On show will be World News, a Toronto electronic music duo performing with all hardware. We also have the incredible Provincial Parcs and Blue Light. Expect projections and a 360° surround audience experience under the mirror ball.

World News, Provincial Parcs & Blue Light - Bar Orwell
World News, Provincial Parcs & Blue Light - Bar Orwell
Provincial parcs jazz electronic fusion

Watch Video

Oct 24, 2022
Watch Orange Cathedral - A New Safe Sounds Session from Provincial Parcs

Provincial Parcs will be performing live on November 17th alongside World News and Blue Light (grab your tickets now!) in a very special and intimate surround sound experience.

To celebrate, we're delighted to release a new Provincial Parcs live session which was first streamed as part of Nuit Blanche but has never before been released on the internet.

Orange Cathedral is a deep hypnotic synth journey and will give you a good taste of what you will experience if you attend the special one-off show at Bar Orwell.

Oct 17, 2022
The First Ever Safe Sounds Show in 360° - World News Are Back

Safe Sounds presents...


We might not be the first to do a show like this... U2 famously coined the 360° Tour a few years back when they crafted a unique stage that was surrounded by the audience. After a few calls with Bono and The Edge, they've very kindly given this their blessing!

In what will be a very special intimate show at Bar Orwell in Toronto on Thursday 17th November, all three acts will perform live hardware sets from underneath the mirror ball! Surrounded by the audience, this will be a true 360° electronic music experience.

World News have brand new music and a brand new lineup to keep you entertained. It's going to be spicy and electronic.

Blue Light will bring their unique blend of cinematic electronic wash. It will rock you to your very core!

Provincial Parcs will add a psychedelic jazz heart to proceedings. The rig, which was first used for the Geary Art Crawl show, will be back bigger and better!

Bar Orwell is a limited capacity venue at 1595 Dundas Street West. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now for the measly price of just $10. It's going to be more on the door, so grab yours now to cement your place!

Sub Sessions 4
Fri 07 October 2022
Doors: 20:00
Join Bill Cutbill for a Night of Brazilian Infused Psych Music This Friday!

Another week and another stacked evening of music in the 6. This Friday, sub-sessions returns for its fourth edition featuring performances by JER, XOCô $marimbondos, Bill Cutbill and Kakaow.

JER and XOCô $marimbondos are two exhilarating psychedelic bands with a Brazilian grounding. Expect warm fuzzy sets that you can move to.

If you're familiar with Bill Cutbill, you'll know his LP AMAZONAS features the sounds of the rainforest that were also recorded in northern Brazil. Bill has a very special set in store where he'll be performing tracks from Resolution (some for the very first time), accompanied by the dynamic Idious Carrie.

Completing the bill is funk master Kakaow from Kingston, Jamai... I mean, Ontario. ;)

Join us for this psychedelic feel good Friday. Tell Sub-sessions you're attending on Facebook and grab an advance ticket via the link here.


'You Just Have To Be [EP]' artwork
RUM DO You Just Have To Be [EP]
'Alles Ist Besser [SINGLE]' artwork
Theo Vandenhoff Alles Ist Besser [SINGLE]
'New Era [EP]' artwork
World News New Era [EP]
'A Message for the Kids [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News A Message for the Kids [REMIX SINGLE]
'Scenic Equilibrium [LP]' artwork
Provincial Parcs Scenic Equilibrium [LP]
'Juice Opinion / Fake News [DOUBLE A]' artwork
Your Grandad Juice Opinion / Fake News [DOUBLE A]
'O [DOUBLE A]' artwork
Idious Carrie O [DOUBLE A]
'Heartache Is An Empty Room [EP]' artwork
Theo Vandenhoff Heartache Is An Empty Room [EP]
'Confetti and... / A ↝ B [DOUBLE A]' artwork
RUM DO Confetti and... / A ↝ B [DOUBLE A]
'Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Descenending [REMIX SINGLE]
'AMAZONAS [LP]' artwork
Bill Cutbill AMAZONAS [LP]
'Gather [EP]' artwork
Loji Gather [EP]
'The Chosen [EP]' artwork
World News The Chosen [EP]
'Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News Black Cat [REMIX SINGLE]
'Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]' artwork
Bill Cutbill Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]
'A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]' artwork
World News A Bit More Mellow Back Then [REMIX SINGLE]
'Why [EP]' artwork
'lay down, lovers [EP]' artwork
RUM DO lay down, lovers [EP]