Provincial Parcs Pink Sherbert Clouds

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Dec 31, 2020
Pinc Sherbert Clouds to Close 2020

With the end of 2020 in sight, we've got a very special announcement to make - welcome Provincial Parcs to the Safe Sounds roster!

Yes, Parcs will release their debut album in 2021, and to celebrate we're making the Nuit Blanche 2020 live performance of Pinc Sherbert Clouds available to stream via our YouTube channel.

Happy new year one and all — and to all a good night. x

Glue gun records compilation party online
Fri 11 December 2020
Doors: 7:30
Listening Party this Friday

To celebrate the release of the Stick It To 'Em Vol. 2 compilation, Glue Gun Records will be holding a very special live stream listening party via their YouTube channel this Friday 11th December.

The compilation features a diverse range of artists, some of whom you'll already be familiar with such as World News and Kaleidoscope Horse.

The pre-show kicks off at 7.30PM EST, with the main show commencing at 8PM.

Check out the Facebook event for more info and don't forget to listen to the compilation in the mean time via Bandcamp.

Kaleidoscope horse anima

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Dec 01, 2020
Safe Sounds interview Glue Gun Records in ULTRA ISSUE 3

Safe Sounds cofounders Bill Cutbill and Idious Carrie sat down with Jesse Alarcon and Brent O'Toole of Glue Gun Records recently to discuss their upcoming compilation tape - Stick It To 'Em Vol. 2.

The release, due to arrive Friday 4th December 2020, will feature unheard material from World News and other artists including Martian Crisis Unit, FORMING, Animal Party and more! Kaleidoscope Horse have debuted a video to celebrate the pre-order, which can be watched above.

The interview is available to read in full now via ULTRA Magazine.

Pre-order a cassette here.

Gogo radio magic show
Nov 16, 2020
Bill Cutbill on Animal Collective, Rotate This and Lonely Planet

The Go-Go Radio Magic Show has just made the recent Bill Cutbill special episode available to stream on their website: listen now.

Bill chats about all sort of things including his experience travelling in South America and some of the weird moments on his trip. Here's a little excerpt to wet the appetite...

"The biggest influence on this record is an Animal Collective EP called Meeting of the Waters. They did sound collaging and they also recorded songs whilst they were there.

"I got it from Rotate This in a bargain bin. Once I got it I listened to it every day for like three months probably. It's nice because it's immersive and the songs aren't really songs... that's something I really like about Animal Collective.

"So that was definitely a big bingo moment: 'I want to be in this place where these amazing soundscapes are so that I can just be there and feel it'. I'm always looking for my next travelling experience - when it comes to the work/life balance I feel like that's an important part for me.

"I went (to Brazil) for a month. I had the first week booked but nothing else booked after that, so I did lot's of research in terms of the Lonely Planet guide and looking up Trip Advisor reviews on all the companies in the Amazon. I reached out to the ones that I thought would be most relevant because that was the main reason I was going. The rest of the trip I left completely open, so some of the songs on the album are about places that people recommended when I was in the Amazon, and then I went there afterwards.

"I bought myself a little microphone, a small zoom that I thought would do a good job."

Thanks again to CJLO and The Go-Go Radio Magic Show.

Bill cutbill feature
Nov 12, 2020
CJLO's Go-Go Radio Magic Show AMAZONAS Special!

We're delighted that a 1-hour Bill Cutbill AMAZONAS special will be airing on CJLO's The Go-Go Radio Magic Show! Tune in on Friday 13th November at 6pm to catch tales from the jungle, a discussion on the accompanying Bill's Amazonas Sound Library and more.

Also a big thank you to Ian for being such a wonderful host, and CJLO in general for promoting music, art and creativity in equal measures. Make sure you tune in either via 1690AM radio or via the station website!

Finally, remember that AMAZONAS is free to download via desktop for a limited time (with a suggested donation to the Rainforest Trust).


'AMAZONAS [LP]' artwork
Bill Cutbill AMAZONAS [LP]
'Gather [EP]' artwork
Loji Gather [EP]
'The Chosen [EP]' artwork
World News The Chosen [EP]
'Black Cat [SINGLE & REMIXES]' artwork
World News Black Cat [SINGLE & REMIXES]
'Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]' artwork
Bill Cutbill Joy Ride (and then I wake up) [SINGLE]
'A Bit More Mellow Back Then [SINGLE & REMIXES]' artwork
World News A Bit More Mellow Back Then [SINGLE & REMIXES]
'Why [EP]' artwork
'lay down, lovers [EP]' artwork
RUM DO lay down, lovers [EP]