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Sep 08, 2023
Watch Toronto Psych Band Pretty Perform from the Vault

A long time ago in a bank vault far far away, Pretty performed a beautiful rendition of their track Worry and we filmed the entire thing.

Well today we have unleashed it upon the world.

When Pretty came to visit, they recorded two tracks, the first of which we released in July (check that here if you've not seen it already).

In between then and now, the group put out a brand new EP, Citrus Magic. It's four incredible tracks so check that out and join Pretty's universe.

We've got loads of exciting stuff coming before the end of the year including singles, music videos, albums (on wax) and live sessions... so watch this space!

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Jun 14, 2023
That's What I Get

Another new video premiere today, and it's a banger from Toronto indie-pop darling, Deanna Petcoff.

Yes! Just in case you missed our last Deanna track, we released an intimate version of Cher's 'Believe' earlier this year which is available everywhere including streaming.

Well this new video was recorded in the same session, live from our Toronto bank-vault location. Safe Sounds is based in a disused bank, which houses a real-life vault. It is within that space that we create and capture these special sound moments.

'That's What I Get' is a Deanna Petcoff original, performed with her usual poise and class. It has been stuck in our head ever since she filmed it; whether we're cleaning our teeth, waking up from a nap or just trying to make dinner, the catchy chorus keeps flowing across our brainwaves.

We'd wish it away, if it wasn't such a good feeling to have it in there. Watch That's What I Get now.

If you like what you hear, check out the full Safe Sounds channel to see the vast array of music videos, live performances and bonus content that we continue to release. Toss us a like. Flip us a subscribe. Bang us a share.

Life isn't forever. This is what you get.

Deanna Petcoff Live from Safe Sounds

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Apr 14, 2023
Video Premiere! Deanna Petcoff performs Cher's Believe

Deanna Petcoff joined us for a very special live session from the Safe Sounds bank vault late last year. We're delighted to share the first of two tracks - a cover of Cher's classic dance anthem, Believe!

Watch the video above or on our YouTube channel.

This is the first thing Deanna has released since her critically acclaimed debut album To Hell With You, I Love You.

"Based in Toronto, ON, Petcoff shaped her own unique brand of beautiful and confessional indie rock through years of devotion to music, sharing stage with the likes of Molly Burch, Tokyo Police Club, The Nude Party and many more. She excels with heart-on-her-sleeve, emotive lyricism that showcases her strength as a songwriter and a vocalist."

Under the mirror ball in the Safe Sounds bank vault, there was definitely a twinkly magic in the air that we hope we were able to capture.

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Nailbiter live from safe sounds

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Mar 02, 2022
Set Your Alarms - Nailbiter Modular Techno Set Live from the Safe Sounds Bank Vault!

Shucks, it's been a while since our last Safe Sounds bank vault session! Then boom, as if from nowhere, who should appear but techno pioneer, producer and all round Toronto heavy-hitter, Josh Korody.

Yes, Nailbiter will be performing a very special live modular techno set and it's gonna get you puuuuuuuumped. It'll premiere exclusively on the SS YouTube Channel at 7pm EST on Friday 11th March (which is midnight for those of you listening in London or across the UK).

We've coordinated the stream so y'all can get ready for your Friday night in style ~ that's right, we're broadcasting oven an hour of pure modular techno so you can decide what to wear, throw your makeup on, have a quick shower, or simply sit back and get pre-drinking (if that's your thing) before your big night out.

Because life is back, baby! Yes, this set is certain to get your Friday amped up and started in style.

At over an hour long, it'll be the longest live set that we've ever done, and potentially the longest that we will ever do. That is unless Paul McCartney is ever able to stop by to perform his live version of Hey Jude, in which case we'll make an exception ~ "Hey Judie Judie Judie Judie..." etc. In all seriousness though, this slams from start to finish.

Nailbiter has material out both on Josh Korody's own label, Nodding Heads, and with Toronto faves Hand Drawn Dracula. In addition to techno, you'll likely know Korody from his recent solo project Breeze, showcasing a different side to the producer where he collaborated with a whole host of peeps such as Cadence Weapon.

Korody also worked with World News on their up-coming EP, New Era, which arrives worldwide via Safe Sounds on Friday 18th March. World News went to his studio (Candle) to mix New Era, and Josh's killer ear was instrumental in giving the tracks some extra punch. We can't wait to share that one with you all too.

Anyway, I digress, head to our YouTube channel now to set a notification/alarm if you're the forgetful type and we'll see you at 7pm EST on Friday 11th March for Nailbiter live from the Safe Sounds bank vault.

Theo vandenhoff live
Aug 09, 2021
Theo Vandenhoff live ~ 12 Aug 21 @8PM

Theo Vandenhoff live from Safe Sounds will be streaming on YouTube at 8pm this Thursday 21 August HERE:


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Your Grandad Poison [SINGLE]
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Your Grandad CERB [SINGLE]
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